depend on GodAs a woman of God, whether single or married, you have to get to a place in your life where you know how to go to God for EVERYTHING!

I mean every need you have be it physically, yes, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Why? Because the people and things in our lives are only meant to compliment our lives, not to become our lives.  Humans can only do and handle so much.  It’s impossible for people to keep up with our every demand, emotion or need.  It’s exhausting! Have you ever tried to be everything to someone? It’s impossible! You will wear yourself out! For instance in marriage or seeking marriage, we often look for someone to be our “knight in shining armor” to “complete us”. These expectations were truly meant for fairy tales.  These are unrealistic expectations that will truly set you up for disappointment.  I learned this the hard way.  In the beginning of our marriage, I expected my husband to love me unconditionally, do what I needed and wanted when I needed it and wanted it done.  I wanted him to be affectionate, loving, make me feel good about myself, make me feel secure, take care of me and always see me as beautiful whether I was looking good physically or not! I wanted him to complete me because I felt so empty. I put all these unrealistic expectations on him that when he failed even once, my life was devastated! Then came the thoughts that tormented me about him not loving me, or caring all because he missed one of my many unrealistic expectations.  He’s a man, he’s human and can only do so much.  The greatest mistake we can make is in looking to find someone to complete us! Not possible.  You are setting yourself up for failure if you’re looking for another incomplete person to complete you! The only One who can complete you is God and thonly One that complete the person you’re seeking to complete you is God.  Two incomplete people equals a whole lot of mess!

See, there’s a place for people and things in our lives and there’s a place for God.  We try and try to fill God’s portion with people and things but as God would have it, nothing or no one will ever come close to filling His part, but Him.  He did this purposely so we would always depend on Him.  We were created for Him! Now, having learned this lesson, I receive what love and devotion that my husband can give in his human self. Whatever I feel may be lacking for some reason or another, depending on the day it is, (because we women are emotional creatures), I know how to go to God and ask that He fill or help me to deal with what I feel that I’m missing. I’ve also learned to go to God first to fill me so that what love and affection I receive from my husband and children and those around me are just beautiful bonuses. So if one day I don’t get what I need from the people in my life, it doesn’t devastate me, I have God and have been filled by Him.  When I need to be held and hubby isn’t feeling all lovey dovey, God takes care of it in His own way.  God knows me better than I know myself so He knows exactly how to take care of me.

We all need to get to  a place in life where we teach ourselves to go to God first, then, He takes care of the rest be it through people, things or Him.  Don’t put unrealistic expectations on people and things.  You will live your life in great disappointment. Depend on God for everything and you will never be disappointed!

Be blessed & encouraged,


Holding On

holding onAlways looking, always expecting, always hoping.

Searching for You, yes I’m expecting to see You!

You said You’d take care of me, never leave me nor forsake me, bless me abundantly,

Lord, I’m holding on to you!

I’m righteous before You, Lord I adore You, I’m holding on to You!

To be with You is my greatest desire, Your love an all consuming fire.

Lord, I’m holding on to You!

To see myself as You do; beautiful, clean, made whole and brand new.

Fearfully and wonderfully made. Lord, I’m holding on to You.

To know You is to love You. Joy unspeakable, grace that’s unthinkable!

Lord, I’m holding on to You!

Be blessed & encouraged,


What in the World is Going on?

Seriously2Ever had something so weird happen to you or circumstances that are out of the ordinary happen to you that wouldn’t normally happen? For instance, if you’re a very peaceable person and then out of no where something happens between you and another person and in that incident you’re totally misunderstood? Or, you’re in a situation that is beyond your control but somehow you get dragged in and it’s drama that you normally try to avoid like the plague?  Or, you have an issue with a friend, boyfriend, parent, etc. Yeah, those type of things that get under your skin, hurt your feelings, tick you off and poke at your heart because it’s so not you! I mean, really how in the world did I get in to this, right?


Well, let me offer a little encouragement, roll with it.  Yes, roll with it.  Here’s why, in every situation, there’s a lesson to be learned.  In a situation I was in, I found once the smoke cleared, that God was trying to teach me something about Him, myself and others.  What a concept huh? So, instead of getting your panties in a bunch and allowing the enemy to beat you up, stop and ask God what in the world is going on? What is it that He’s trying to teach you, get you to see? God is purposeful and doesn’t waste a thing.  A few lessons I’ve learned are:

1. People are people are people: No matter the status or stature, we all have junk.  Don’t think that just because someone says they are a Christian or if someone is a leader or boss or seems to have it all together that they can’t or won’t do something crazy or in your eyes, unexpected because they will, they are human.

2. God will use people and experiences in your life to either grow you, protect or discipline you.  No, it doesn’t feel good but it’s worth it and helpful. I believe the chaos in the situation is used to divert our attention as well, which may keep us out of something that we’re not supposed to be involved in.

3. Pain brings about change and enlightenment. Sometimes we choose to ignore the lesson and go right back and do it again but it is the hope that we will learn from our mistakes, embrace the change and move forward.

4. Out of the ordinary experiences teach us to heed the voice of the Holy Spirit for guidance. Sometimes these experiences are how God tries to get our attention.  Listen up!

Just sharing a little.  Hope this helps someone :-)

Be blessed & encouraged,


Just Be!

Hi! So my computer has officially died. My daughter tripped over the cord and it slid off the table onto the floor, crashing to its death! It was already old, a Gateway, and was missing some keys so I guess she took it out of it’s misery……So today I’m borrowing the hubby’s work laptop. Thanks hubby! :-)

Esther 2:15b (MSG) Esther, just as she was, won the admiration of everyone who saw her.

The Lord has had me studying Esther lately and when He told me to study her, of course I wondered why and He just said “read” :-) As I started reading through the first two chapters, I began to see what He was getting at.  Last year, I began the most awesomest opportunity of being the purity program coordinator at my church! I’m still amazed at how all this came about but of course with this opportunity came many questions from myself of whether I felt that I could really do this. Was I ready? Would the women like me or receive me? Would I freeze up and forget everything I’d learned?! So, God, being the amazing Father that He is, took heed to my questions, doubts, insecurities and lack of confidence and nervousness and led me to an example that would help me through this.  I thought at first that I had to change who I was, you know, but I learned that just by being Shannon, He could work wonders!

Anyway, so going through the first two chapters of Esther, especially in chapter two, it’s mentioned 3 times that Esther had found favor from those around her (Esther 2:9, 15, 17). I’m looking at these verses and I read them in different translations. I noticed that, hmmm, doesn’t really say how she obtained favor.  She didn’t change anything  to obtain favor from Hegai but some how Esther pleased him and obtained his favor and he immediately gave her the beauty treatments and preparations needed before she was to go in to the king (2:9). Also, when it was time for her to go in to the king, she asked Hegai for advice on what to take, she didn’t act as if she knew it all or that she had it all together.  So from this I saw humility and maybe even a little nervousness and insecurity.  By Esther showing this side of herself, it says that she obtained favor in the sight of all who saw her (2:15). Then, once she’s in with the king, it says that the king loved Esther more than all the other women and she obtained grace and favor in his sight, more than all the other virgins! Doesn’t say that she did something amazing or crazy, she was just Esther.  So, by Esther being Esther, and not trying to be who she thought she was supposed to be or who someone else thought she was supposed to be, she obtained favor! The book of Esther never mentions God, but you can definitely see His hand in all that happened in this book.  He was behind the scenes orchestrating events for His purposes. He didn’t ask Esther for directions or help, she was just a willing vessel! In her willingness to just be, God used her, provided all she needed by His amazing grace and favor and all she had to do was just be Esther!

So, my answer to my nervousness, insecurity and thinking I had to be someone else was to just be Shannon! All that I am, He created, and that’s what He wants me to be! He chose me just as I am to do what He has called me to be and do. I was created for this, no changes to be someone else are needed.  Yes, I’ve had to grow in some areas, which comes with the territory of leading others, but I didn’t have to and don’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not.  I can be my happy, joyful, silly self and still be used by God in a mighty way!  Why should I try to hide the amazing joy that I have? God has seen me through some painful situations and has turned them around for His purposes and my good, it’s insulting to try to change what He’s done as if what He’s done isn’t enough! To top it all off, He knows I learn things by watching, I’m a visual learner. I asked Him for an example on how to be confident but humble in what He has me doing because more than anything, humility is very important to me and especially to God, hello, pride is what got satan kicked out of heaven! So one day I was sitting on the sofa watching the Cosby Show with my daughters and I heard Holy Spirit say, “Clair Huxtable” and I said, what about her? He said “she’s confident but humble”. So I watched her and her actions and that gave me peace and the visual example I needed! Ha! :-).

All of this to say to you, my dear sisters, just be! Just be who God created you to be.  If there are things you need to change that you know are contrary to His word, then pray and ask Him to help you to change them, but don’t go and try to change who you are to please others, which is a sin by the way, because we’re here to please God and not man (Galatians 1:10). Don’t try to change to get attention from men, or fake your way to a promotion, or to try to make others accept you, you are already enough for what God created you for.  You are enough for your future hubby. God will bring you to him in due time (Genesis 2:22).  Change what God tells you to change that’s contrary to Him but otherwise just be you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by the Almighty (Psalm 139). Yes, you are to take care of His temple, your body, but make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons, for your health and to glorify Him, and not because you want attention from the opposite sex.  Are you dressing your temple in a way that pleases and glorifies God or in a way that will cause your brother to stumble, lust and eventually fall? You don’t have to and shouldn’t follow all the trends of this world for attention or to fill whatever you feel that’s missing from your life.  Just be and allow God to fill all that’s missing in your life.  You are enough!!! Say it: I AM ENOUGH!!!

Be blessed & encouraged,



Are you one of those people who hear the word “Bible” and roll your eyes, cringe or run for the hills? LOL! I know, I so used to be the same way! That is until I found out what the Bible really is all about.  Before I gave my life to Christ, I ran.  I ran far away.  I didn’t want to hear about God, certainly didn’t know who Jesus was and I didn’t want to hear anything about ….sin.  I didn’t realize then that I was running from the One who could rescue me from all that I was battling with.

I thought that by running from God and the Bible, that I was keeping my freedom and didn’t have to worry about being restricted and constricted. I always thought the Bible was full of words telling me what not to do so that I couldn’t have fun and live my life the way I wanted to.  I was living life without boundaries.  I did whatever I wanted, when I wanted, how I wanted and with whomever I chose to do it with!

It took me a long time to learn that the Bible was filled with pages of life-giving words, not life restricting and constricting words.  God’s word sets boundaries and believe it or not, we certainly do need boundaries! Without the word of God my life was out-of-bounds and all that did was allow me to heap loads of pain and heartache on myself! I invited this pain! Not knowing that the whole time I was running from God, He was chasing me with His love and all He wanted to do was protect me and I wouldn’t let Him.

God wants to protect us, that’s one of the reasons we have the Bible.  Look at life without the Bible.  Not pretty.  There’s so much ick, pain, and evil, all because we’d rather do things our own way.  We think we know what’s best when really, we don’t.  God has a huge advantage over us, He sees and knows the future, He knows what’s coming and not only that, He created us so He knows all about us (See Psalm 139).  The Word of God is alive and well and each time we read it, no matter if we’ve read the same verse several times before, we find exactly what we need for the season that we’re in. He knows exactly what we need right when we need it!

We have the wrong view of boundaries.  God’s boundaries are meant to protect and direct us.  If we follow Him, we can have the most amazing life which is found in Him (Jeremiah 29:11).  I mean, why not follow Him? He is the CREATOR of all things so why not go to the ONE who can give us all things? We don’t have to work for it, just receive, all because we’ve given our life over to Him.  He loves us beyond measure! Adam & Eve stepped out of the boundaries God set for them and look what happened? I would say having boundaries set by the Almighty is a pretty awesome idea! :-) Thank you God for your boundaries!

God boundaries

Be blessed & encouraged,


One Word, One Verse!

Happy New Year!!!

So I guess everyone’s made their resolutions, or not, but the New Year screams new beginnings for so many.  The tendency is to make this long list of things that we listed last year and the year before that didn’t happen.  Well, this year, I’m not doing that to myself! A wonderful life-saving email appeared in my inbox and totally stunned me! Such a wonderful concept!

I have the bible app via www.Bible.com and the email I received from them was to choose one verse to focus on this year. Seemed simple enough so I began to pray about it, but then I also saw this plan on there that was about focusing on one word for the year, even better! So I started the plan, which is only 4 days long, and was amazed at how my one verse and my one word seems to go hand in hand! God is awesome! For more information about this, click here.

SO my one word is Purpose and my one verse is 1 Timothy 4:16.  This is so freeing for me because, now instead of killing myself with all the things I need to change or accomplish, I can go through my own process of elimination and if whatever it is has nothing to do with my purpose or verse that was given to me by the Holy Spirit, then I waste no time or energy trying to pursue or change it.

Now, I know there  will be challenges along the way as the enemy will definitely try to knock me off course but I can always go back to my one word and one verse to get me back on track.

What do you think? Does this sound simple to you, freeing even?  Check it out for yourself.  Let me know what your one verse and one word is.  Maybe we can walk this out together this year and see if this approach is as good as it seems so far :-)

Here’s to an amazing 2014!!

Be blessed & encouraged,


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!


Just want to thank you all for your support and prayers this year! I pray that you all are tremendously blessed beyond measure and that all your dreams, hopes, desires come to fruition in 2014.  God bless and keep you!

From our family to yours!!!!


merry christmas happy new year animated


Be blessed & encouraged,



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