Prayer Call w/ Women 4 Christ Ministries

This Saturday, May 18, 2019, I’ll have the privilege to host the prayer call for Women 4 Christ Ministries! See picture below for call-in details! You won’t want to miss the message that God has given me for His daughters! So please join us and bring your friends too … I’m sure it’s going to be a good time in the Lord!

To catch the replay, click on the picture below!!

women for christ image

Be blessed & encouraged,



Women 4 Christ Prayer Call



Join Savin’ it for Hubby Founder, Shannon Taylor (me :-)) and Women 4 Christ this Saturday morning at 7:00 am EST as we go before the Lord in prayer & praise ! Tune In to Be Blessed! You won’t want to miss this message!

Phone Number:1-712-775-7031

Access Code:552426822

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Dance With Me

He meets me in Worship and dances with me

His embrace feels like no other

In His presence I dance and rejoice in the wild and beautiful love He has for me

His love covers and caresses me with forgiveness and fills my body with pure joy that only comes from Him

He loves me like no other could ever

I’m His forever to meet and dance in worship


Ok, so I don’t write poetry and I’m not even sure if this is poetry but for the past few weeks, at church, during worship, Jesus has come and danced with me! I feel this warmth and all I can do is smile! It’s a feeling like no other! Today in worship the words above are what came to me as He and I danced in worship.  I love and adore HIM!

Be blessed & encouraged,


**Picture courtesy of: Bride of Christ**