Savin’ it for Hubby Signature Bracelet!


This hand crafted bracelet is made with faceted black agate stones with a pave’ crystal accent and fashioned with an acrylic heart shaped charm with the initials “sifh”.

This bracelet is for women young, old, married or single. This bracelet is meant to serve as a stylish reminder for single women that they are worth more and if they’re ever in a compromising situation that they can’t lose by saving themselves for their future husbands and seeing themselves as God does, beautiful, priceless, His!

For married women, this unique bracelet can serve as a reminder in the good times to save themselves, their time and energy for their husbands. And for when things are bad and the desire to compromise their marriage, that they can’t go wrong with trusting God to work things out for them.

This bracelet is simply stylish and serves as a great accent piece to any outfit, day or night!

Savin’ it for Hubby’s Mission is to teach women young and old, single or married, God’s truth about their value, worth and sexuality!

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Be blessed & encouraged,



Thanks You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

Hi Everyone!

Today I will be delivering the gift bags to Peace Place Inc, a women’s shelter that provides safety and protection for women and their children who are trying to get their lives back together and recover from domestic violence.  Today I just want to take a moment to thank the wonderful women owned companies who contributed to the gift bags.  They donated some wonderful items!  Check them out!

Jenee White, Jurney Jurray Jewelry

Crissy Knowlton, Mary Kay

Minister Galetha Beard, Women of Vision

Pam Smith, PDS Consulting

Nancy Babb, My Father’s Hands

Bianca Harris, Avon ISR

Mindi Coleman, Keeping Kids Warm Project-KKWP


Be blessed & encouraged!