One Word, One Verse!

Happy New Year!!!

So I guess everyone’s made their resolutions, or not, but the New Year screams new beginnings for so many.  The tendency is to make this long list of things that we listed last year and the year before that didn’t happen.  Well, this year, I’m not doing that to myself! A wonderful life-saving email appeared in my inbox and totally stunned me! Such a wonderful concept!

I have the bible app via and the email I received from them was to choose one verse to focus on this year. Seemed simple enough so I began to pray about it, but then I also saw this plan on there that was about focusing on one word for the year, even better! So I started the plan, which is only 4 days long, and was amazed at how my one verse and my one word seems to go hand in hand! God is awesome! For more information about this, click here.

SO my one word is Purpose and my one verse is 1 Timothy 4:16.  This is so freeing for me because, now instead of killing myself with all the things I need to change or accomplish, I can go through my own process of elimination and if whatever it is has nothing to do with my purpose or verse that was given to me by the Holy Spirit, then I waste no time or energy trying to pursue or change it.

Now, I know there  will be challenges along the way as the enemy will definitely try to knock me off course but I can always go back to my one word and one verse to get me back on track.

What do you think? Does this sound simple to you, freeing even?  Check it out for yourself.  Let me know what your one verse and one word is.  Maybe we can walk this out together this year and see if this approach is as good as it seems so far 🙂

Here’s to an amazing 2014!!

Be blessed & encouraged,



Scattered & Splattered!


The past 2 weeks have been challenging for me.  I feel as if I’m all over the place and dealing with a ton of emotions, to-do’s, not-to-do’s, spiritual warfare, the whole shebang! While I do love the holiday season, it can be challenging for me because I’m reminded of my mom, who passed 6 years ago, and how much I miss her and my family in general.  Also, just a little worn out from the spiritual warfare that comes along with being obedient to God.  Fighting lies from the enemy and my own self sabotaging thoughts that come to mind, have to be nipped quickly and being mindful of this and taking thoughts captive can be exhausting after a while. I know that the battle is not ours but we still have to take our thoughts captive and when you’re bombarded, it’s like an intense sword fight!

Also this week I delivered some Christmas gift bags to Peace Place and doing this was awesome! I’ve always wanted to do something like this and am grateful to have had the opportunity to fulfill a dream of mine! Needless to say, this week has been one filled with ups and downs and that’s why I feel so scattered and splattered!

In continuing my reading of Why Not You? by Valorie Burton, I came to a section at the end of the chapter, “Face Your Fears and Insecurities” and there’s this list of questions that are very thought-provoking.  As I read through them and started thinking about the answers, I felt myself start to slow down and really think about what’s going on and refocus on my goals and vision for myself.  I’m even going to break this down in to 2 columns: Career and Relationships, and answer the questions as they pertain to both.  SN, there may be some relationships that may need to be let go of, strengthened or pursued. So here are the questions. If you’ve been feeling a little scattered and splattered yourself, hopefully we can get back on track together!

  1. Honestly, do I really want to do this? If so, why? What’s my purpose in it?
  2. What does my inner voice-the voice of the Holy Spirit-tell me?
  3. What’s keeping me from standing up fully and confidently in this situation?
  4. What am I afraid of? (Our job is not to pretend fear doesn’t exist or to run and hide from it; our job is to be strong and courageous in unearthing the fear so we can confront and conquer it.)
  5. What doubts hinder me right now? What’s the truth about each of those doubts?
  6. Who will I need to become in order to achieve the goal or vision set before me?
  7. What will it feel like to stand fully in who I am?
  8. How do I want to feel in the situation in which I am lacking confidence?
  9. What will I have to do differently in order for success to come more easily?
  10. What opportunity for growth is before me right now?
  11. What will it take for me to embrace this opportunity for growth?

Using this list, I’m going to get myself back on track and continue to plan for great things to come in the next few weeks and in the new year! I’m also going to go and sit and stare at my vision board to help me refocus as well. Onward & Upward!

*Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.*

Be blessed & encouraged,



What’s Your Vision for 2012?

Have you guys started thinking about 2012?  Your vision, your goals?  I have and I’m excited about what the future holds!!! Well, if you haven’t, I’m here to help you get on track, get focused and yes, make some things happen!

Ok, so 2 years ago I made a Vision Board.  What’s a Vision Board you ask?  For me, it’s a board that has pics and words of inspiration and encouragement that will help me to focus on my hopes, dreams, and goals for the year that I hope to see come to pass.  You can add pics of you, words, cut outs from inspirational cards, magazine pics, whatever!  It’s your board and it’s meant to inspire and encourage you as well as to help you keep your focus on your goals.  I really enjoy creating my vision board.  It’s exciting!  I get to sit down and really think about me for a change and my needs and my wants and my specific dreams, goals and visions for myself.  No one has to approve of it or like it or be inspired by it but me! 🙂

Interested?  Good! Let’s get started!!  First, write down your visions, goals, dreams.  Writing things down makes them real and really helps you to fine tune them.  It’s ok if you don’t know them right away.  If you have to take a few days (I recommend no more than 3!) to think about them that’s fine, just don’t take too long.  You’re doing this for you!

Next, start looking for pictures or words that will inspire you to focus on your vision/goals.  If you want, get a group of friends together and have a vision board party! It’s great to have people around you who will encourage you and hold you accountable as well!  So, for the past week, I have been browsing through magazines and folding down pages with words or pictures that I want to use to add to my board.  Once you find your pics, spread them out and decide how you want to arrange them on your board.  You can add a picture or write one word in the center of the board and have pics surrounding that word or add a pic of yourself to the center of the board and add pics around the pic of you.  This is your board so do whatever works for you!

Lastly, hang the board in a place where you will see it daily!  I have mine in my bathroom.  Whenever I go,  😉 I see my goals and visions and it helps me to keep my focus throughout the day.  I truly like having mine in the bathroom because when I get up in the morning it’s one of the first things I see and it helps me get my mind set on my goals for the day and inspires and encourages me to keep going!

Below is a video that I believe will give you a little more guidance as to getting your vision board together.  I will post a picture of mine once I’m done!  Also, I’d love to see what you come up with, we can pray and keep each other encouraged and inspired!

Be blessed & encouraged!