Would we all agree that music has a little power to it? If you’re in a bad mood, you listen to your favorite song or encouraging music and you start to feel better.  If you’re trying to “get in the mood” to work out, you listen to something that’s upbeat or has the ability to get you moving and yes, there’s even music you listen to to get you in the mood for “other things” such as sex….My point, we have to be careful as to what we’re feeding our souls.  My ears have become super sensitive lately and I thank God for this because everything with a tight beat ain’t worth listening too and that’s how we all get sucked in.  Before satan was kicked out of heaven, his thing was music.  Now that he’s not in heaven and is on Earth wreaking havoc, the wonder of music has been perverted and corrupted.  Yes, there’s power in music and he knows it and he’s using it to his advantage! I’m posting some videos courtesy of this wonderful ministry called Good Fight Ministries.  Please check out their website here. Also, my worship pastor Montell Jordan, breaks it down beautifully in his sermon on the power of music.

What’s even scarier is that we’re allowing our children to listen to this craziness and we’re not paying attention to what they’re listening to yet we’re wondering why so many senseless deaths are happening not to mention so much careless behavior! Please, watch these videos, please, pay attention to what you’re listening to and please pay attention to what your children are being exposed to!!

Be blessed & encouraged,