About SIFH



To teach women young and old, single or married, God’s truth about their, value, worth and sexuality!


To see women walking boldly and confidently in purity and truth while growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

What is “it” in Savin’ it for Hubby?

As women, we wear many hats, we are mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, girlfriends and wives. In wearing those hats, how we view ourselves and how we treat our bodies have a great impact on how effective we are in these roles. If we have a tainted view of ourselves, had something ungodly happen to us, unhealthy relationships, even giving ourselves mind, body, and soul to the wrong man that God didn’t intend for us to have, has lasting and sometimes detrimental effects on us in ways that can distort the relationships in our lives. So, for most single women and wives our goal is to have healthy marriages but often women go into marriages with unrealistic expectations and a whole lot of baggage. So “it” not only pertains to sexual purity, but also, our hearts, and being a whole person.  No other human is capable of making us whole we are responsible for this and Savin’ it for Hubby is on a mission to help you get to “wholeness”.

How Can Savin’ it for Hubby Help Me?

I’m glad you asked! SIFH is a Christian, Bible, based company for women that helps you take care of you! We service women from all walks of life, at different stages of life. Whether you’re a:

  • Teen and need real, proven ways of dealing with low self esteem, low self confidence, identity issues, sexual and/or peer pressure.
  • Single or divorced woman who’s tried life her way and “failed” or not gotten the desired results and has now decided to try things differently, God’s way, as far as seeing yourself, your emotions, spiritual and sexual life the way that God meant.
  • Married woman and just don’t understand why you’re having issues in your marriage sexually and just can’t seem to give yourself completely to your husband and you want to experience total freedom and joy in your marriage.

Contrary to what’s communicated to us through popular television shows, music and other media sources, God does have a lot to say about who we are as women, our identity and especially our sexuality which is so freeing and beautiful, why not find out what He has for you?

Services Offered:

  • One on one sessions tailored to your specific needs.
  • Group sessions/studies: These are 7 week sessions where we meet once a week in a group setting to work on common goals, issues, etc. This can be a group of friends, a great way to bond and support each other.
  • Teen talks. If you’re having a hard time speaking to your pre-teen or teen about sex, we’re here to help you! These can also be done as groups.
  • Available for speaking engagements.
  • If you’re a church or school and interested in developing a purity program or classes and don’t know where to start, we’re here to help with this as well.

*Need more or just don’t know where to start or what you need? Reach out to us at savinitforhubby@gmail.com*


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