The weekend is upon us and I am burdened with this message:

Let’s put this into real hard-core perspective: Are you really so lonely and desperate, hungry for attention, affection and love that you’re willing to give away your precious body, your virginity which is a gift you can only give once, your heart to someone who hasn’t done anything in the eyes of or the approval of God to earn it?! You’re trading yourself, a priceless gift, for nothing of value in return? Think about this as you go out this weekend or make your plans.

Really think about it: You wake up the next morning, first of all, is he still there with you? What’s he thinking? What if he left while you were sleeping? Will he ever call? Will he and what will he tell his friends? Oh shoot did the condom break? Did you remember to use one? Does he have any diseases? What if he has a disease that he doesn’t know about? Will I ever see him again? What have I done?!

How do I know this? Because this was once me!!!!!!!! I know the feeling of being scared to death and promising to never do it again but because I didn’t know who I was in Christ, I repeatedly gave in to this desperation! I remember praying that I wasn’t pregnant by some stupid guy and I remember being so upset with myself for giving in yet again! This doesn’t have to be you.

Now if you were to have a wild night and you’re MARRIED and you wake up and he’s not there, you don’t have to freak because oh wait, he’s downstairs fixing us breakfast! I know what he thinks of me, he loves me because he married me, so what if you didn’t use protection, no worries because we’re MARRIED!!

See the contrast? God created sex for the confines of marriage because He never intended for us to be tortured by the consequences of fornication. Sex was meant to be enjoyed, repeatedly and freely, in the MARRIAGE BED!

Anyway, think past the here and now. Everything we do has consequences and we can’t escape the consequences. Β You’re worth more! Don’t let your desperation breed defeat!

Be blessed & encouraged,


6 thoughts on “Perspective!”

  1. I can so relate to every word mentioned pre-marriage. Now, I have taken a stance to “wait” on the one who God has predestined for me. To believe, Satan has convinced the minds of many (of which I was one) that sex is something that we can’t live without before marriage. And the flesh, continues to crave those things which are not in line with God’s will BUT, the spirit. The spirit helps us to want to please God, to honor the temple He has given us, to RESPECT ourselves and those of whom we meet, to see people the way God sees them and nothing less than, to wait. Thank you for your transparency and willingness to “keep it real”. The world needs to know that there is another way… also known as: the right way (God’s way).


    1. Hi Denise,

      Thanks so much! Yes, the deception is unbelievable and the flesh seems to want to take over but Jesus have given us the victory, sadly not all know it or want to accept it.

      Thanks again for reading and for your words of encouragement and for sharing a bit of your story.

      God bless you!



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