Find Out for Yourself!

When we’re seeking information, who do we go to first? Friends, family, Google? If we get a negative response from either of these sources we end our search there.  Sometimes that is enough, but when they give you a negative response, is it because they’ve experienced it for themselves or are they basing what they’ve told you strictly on their opinion? Experience truly is the best teacher.  When you experience something for yourself, you remember how you felt as well as what you saw.

I just started working with an awesome company called Primerica.  Great company who’s declared war on debt but also offers a life insurance and help with investing.  Anyway, this company has gotten a bad reputation because some of the people who have chosen to be a Primerica representative go in with the wrong motives at heart.  My neighbor is who recruited me. At first I didn’t want to hear anything she had to say but hubby did, only because she seemed sincere and had the heart to really educate us and not sell us.  We listened and I learned a lot from her.  She told us about the opportunity as well but at first I was skeptical because of reps we’d had experiences with in the past.  So, I went to the Primerica convention with her and I was blown away!!  There were at least fifty to sixty thousand people in the Georgia Dome each evening and at least twelve thousand people in each break out session! One thing I noticed most was that everyone looked so dang happy! Also, the leaders that spoke, openly confessed their love for God and thanked Him for their success and blessings!! This company goes all out in recognizing people who excel in what they do and it was just amazing!! So what I found out for myself is that because Primerica rewards and greatly compensates their reps so well, some people go into the business with the wrong heart, wrong motives and make it super hard for others who genuinely love and want to help others.  Would I have known this if I hadn’t gone to find out for myself? No, I wouldn’t and I would have missed out on a great opportunity.  I’ve already been able to help educate 3 families and it’s been so rewarding!

I say all this to say, if you really want to know something, go find out for yourself! Want to know if God is real, go find out for yourself.  Want to know if God really does say wait until marriage to have sex? Go find out for yourself! Don’t know if the Bible is really God’s word? Go find out for yourself! Don’t take my word for it, your pastor’s word for it, go find out for yourself. You may start with this blog, or your pastor but don’t let that be your stopping point.  Dig deeper, keep searching!  That’s when the real change happens.  That’s how you find out what God really has in store for you.  Go where He leads you, you won’t regret it!

Be blessed & encouraged!



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