Facing Truth

The truth road signSometimes facing the truth about ourselves can be extremely hard! It’s hard facing the ugliness that’s within us.  The wrong thoughts, feelings, and pride. Our actions that oftentimes come from selfishness and us wanting our own way.  But the Word of God says that the truth shall set us free (John 8:32), so why wouldn’t we want to face truth?  Don’t we all want to be free?  Jesus paid the price for our freedom, all we need to do is face the truth and repent.

What’s the truth you ask?  The truth is that we’re all sinners.  None of us have it all together and we never will as long as we’re on this earth (I don’t know about you but this revelation alone gives me peace!).  But, with Jesus and His truth, we will have peace, unconditional love, joy, mercy, grace, freedom.  But this freedom from our sins and all the things on the inside of us that hurts us and holds us in bondage, we have to face it, confess it, repent and move forward in the freedom of Christ!

Facing the truth of our sins is painful.  You have to stop and think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.  The why is the most painful I think.  For me, facing my sexual sin was the most painful because of the reasons I was having sex outside of marriage.  I was trying to escape my life.  I was trying to find love and solace in the midst of my chaotic, dysfunctional life.  I needed an escape from my mom’s drug and alcohol addiction, from my sister’s rebelliousness, from the pain of not fitting in.  I needed an escape and sex was it.  It was salve to my broken heart. It was all I knew because I didn’t know that God loved me and was willing and ready to take away my pain. I was never taught that, all I knew was what I saw. It was either drugs or sex and I definitely wasn’t turning to drugs! Anyway, sex provided a false sense of security that I thought would bring me all that I needed to end my pain, but it only added to my pain.  Sin never heals or helps, it makes things worse. The wages of sin is death! (Romans 6:23) Nothing good ever comes from sin.  I know that saving sex for marriage, being a virgin isn’t the most popular thing in the world but look at the consequences of having sex! How many young girls are pregnant and responsible for a child and never really had a chance to be a child themselves? How many are living with sexually transmitted diseases? How many are seeking sex for love but in the end are hurt each and every time?  We have no business having sex outside of marriage! That’s not what God, the creator of sex,  intended.  Sex is for marriage, is a mature act that should only happen between married couples.  There’s a level of deepness that is sex that shouldn’t be handled lightly that’s why once you have sex, everything about you changes!

Anyway, my point is, facing the truth about ourselves, our situations, whatever the case may be, is not always pleasant but it’s always necessary and needed and it brings freedom.  Peace comes from facing truth and letting all the lies go.  Peace comes from Jesus Christ, surrendering our lives to Him.  He came to give us peace! (John 14:27).

Ladies, don’t be afraid to face your past or your present, your future truly depends on it! Jesus is always here waiting to love, not condemn (Romans 8:1-2)

conquer truth

Be blessed & encouraged,




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