Nothing New Under the Sun!

So, I just watched this episode of The Golden Girls and I am ticked!! Ok, so this episode was about Rose and she’s been dating this guy for a month and “no action”.  :-/ Nothing, he’s made no attempts at sex and it was kinda bothering her.  So, they go away for a weekend and Rose is hoping things will change in their relationship but while they’re away on their romantic weekend, he tells her that he’s impotent. Say what??!!   She tells him that she’s ok with it and they move along in their relationship.  Well, all this changes when they go out to dinner and Rose says that she thinks that people put too much emphasis on sex in a relationship and then they both proceed to list all the cons of sex and instead of deterring the issue, she and her boyfriend get all hot and bothered and low and behold, they finally have sex!!

Well, Rose is over the moon and she talks about how much she likes or might even love him (really?) and they go on a picnic, only for him to dump her in the end.  He thanks her for her patience and for “helping him with his problem” and that he was gonna go back to his ex-wife and see if they can work things out because his problem was fixed!!!! Rose said she understood!! WTH???!!! Ok, I know it’s only a TV show but it’s from almost 20yrs ago! Nothing’s changed! Women fall for this same trap everyday! You give up your body and then on to the next as if nothing happened! This guy just totally dismissed Rose! No consideration for her feelings at all!

See how desensitized we’ve become? Of course when I watched this when I was little I didn’t know what was going on, but now that I do, I think of all the people who’ve watched this show over the years and have laughed at the constant sexual innuendos, laughed at Blanche’s insatiable desire for men and sex and this show just made it all seem like a normal, healthy, funny part of life! All the while, the enemy is rejoicing at how many women are led astray, how many are deceived into thinking that sleeping around, giving your body away is the thing to do!

Ladies, keep your legs closed and your eyes and ears open! LET GOD DO THE MATCHMAKING!!! Even though this was a TV show, this stuff’s going on today and the ages are much younger.  You can’t make someone love you by having sex with them!  You don’t have to see if you’re a perfect match sexually, that’s God’s job as well!  He created you and He knows what your “needs and desires” are! Hint, hint!!  Love and marriage first.  It’s not the old-fashioned way, it’s God’s way and it’s His way for a reason!

Value yourself!!! You are a DAUGHTER OF THE KING, THE MOST HIGH GOD!!!! You’re worth dying for, not just a one night fling with some guy who doesn’t give a damn about you!!! Yep, I said it!!! YOU ARE WORTH MORE!!!!

Ok, I’m done now! 🙂

Be blessed & encouraged,



4 thoughts on “Nothing New Under the Sun!”

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