Weekly Tip: Intake List

Do you take daily vitamins?  Have food allergies? Take prescription medication?  If you answered yes to either of these, especially the latter two, does someone close to you know what you’re taking, when, and why?

It’s imperative that you inform several people in your inner circle of any vitamins, allergies, and prescription medications you take in the event of an emergency where you’re unable to speak for yourself.

Inform them of the following:

·         Health issue , sickness, or allergies

·         Name of prescription or vitamins

·         Dosage

·         Frequency with which the medication should be taken

 Take it a step further:

·Write the information and store in a central location along with other pertinent information at home.

·Wear a Medical ID bracelet.  Things Remembered, Zales, and Target makes high fashion bracelets at low prices.

 Get ready and stay ready!

 *Prepared=to make ready or suitable in advance for a particular purpose, use or event.

© Mindi Coleman-February 22, 2012


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