Weekly Tip!

We are now “plastic people”.  Our wallets, pockets, and purses are filled with debit cards, credit cards and gift cards.  What if for whatever reason, your plastic money is demagnetized–you will probably be immobilized. 

Now, imagine for a minute that the area in which you live is warned about catastrophic weather approaching and evacuation is inevitable.  You load your car with essential items and head to the ATM to get cash to cover you and your family’s for an undetermined amount of time.  You arrive at the ATM system and the system is down! You race to the next and nearest cash station only to discover that it is out of money–lots of folks got there before you did! Time and your heart are racing! You need to get on the road and head to safety, not zig and zag around town trying to get cash!

Let’s rewind this scenario to the very beginning.  You just learn of imminent weather which translates as “FLEE!”  You calmly pack clothing and other needs, and grab your PREDESIGNATED “Katrina Kash” tucked away at home for such a time as this! 
During your city’s mad exodus, you are one step ahead of everyone because you do not have to stop and get $$$!  If needed, you can get more cash at an ATM at your destination.
Don’t think you can save a few dollars here and there for your Katrina Kash?  My mom taught me, “Once you make the decision, the way will present itself.”   MAKE the decision!
© Mindi Coleman-November 29, 2011


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