Why Not You?: Day 1


I’m reading Valorie Burton’s book, “Why Not You: 28 Days to Authentic Confidence and I will be sharing my journey with you through this blog.

So I’ve read the intro and Day 1 Take Stock of Yourself and already I have underlined and taken tons of notes! There are some things in the introduction that jump off the page at me as if God is really trying to get me to understand some things about Him that I just never realized or thought of before or that I just wouldn’t even think of.  God is not complicated! I think sometimes we make Him impersonal and out of touch and He’s not.  Sometimes I’m super aware of His presence! He’s sooooo wonderful! We make Him complicated because His love for us is so great that sometimes it does seem too good to be true that He, God, wants us to succeed and grow and thrive and “have life abundantly”!

The ideals go against the grain and against tradition of what we’re told. The lies that we have to act a certain way, associate ourselves with certain people of stature, dress a certain way, go to this school or drive this car have been blown out of the water in this book! Just reading the intro and the first chapter I already feel empowered and feel a lightness in my heart.  So below I’m going to list some of my notes that I’ll definitely be pouring over for the next 28 days.

*I have within me everything I need to begin living the purpose for which I was created! – This sticks out to me because I know what my calling is and I’m very passionate about it but have been feeling as if I’m missing something, that I don’t quite have everything I need to just start.  Suffice it to say, this statement alone is powerful for me!

*”It’s our confidence in Him that bolsters our confidence and belief in ourselves.  Knowing that God created you and wants to use you also means acknowledging that He accepts you as you are.  Simultaneously, He’s offering you daily opportunities to grow into more of the person He created you to be.  He accepts you, despite the criticisms, doubts, or insecurities you may impose on yourself and the obstacles you erect for yourself. (Why Not You? pg. 5) – Wow!!!!!  This made me really think! When I’m doubting myself and being hesitant in moving forward in the calling that I have on my life, am I really trusting God’s Word or am I trusting in my fleeting confidence?! God says that He will never leave us nor forsake us and He means it! He can’t lie! He’s God! So when I put my trust, faith and confidence in Him then, my confidence is amped because I know that He has my back! Then, the fact that He wants to use me and He accepts me, I could stop reading this book now and be on cloud 9! I never really thought about it in these terms, God wanting to use me and He accepts me even if I don’t feel worthy or usable or accepted.  It doesn’t matter because God sees all those things in me because He created me as such! I have learned that doubt is the greatest obstacle that I can erect for myself. Especially because I know that God has called me and I know what He has called me to do! Doubt = Delay!

*Strengthening my confidence empowers me to say yes to God consistently and without hesitation!

*Who I am right now is enough!!!!!!!!!!!  I am enough because God is enough! Ladies if you’re compromising your beliefs and your morals and your purity because you feel as if it will make this guy love, value, or appreciate you, STOP! You’re enough right now and if he can’t accept it, then HE’S NOT THE ONE! The man who God gives you to will not cause you to sin, he will protect you and cover you! You are fine now! You don’t have to have sex with him!

*The truth is, we’ll never really be successful doing anything other than the things each of us were uniquely and specially created to do.  Did you get that? I did! To me it means all the different jobs I’ve had and the businesses I started most likely failed because I was not doing what I was uniquely and specially created to do! It makes so much sense to me now! I’d be excited about a new venture but 2 weeks later would be bored senseless or just feel out of sorts! Stop trying to be someone you’re not or doing what you think people want you to do. Ask God for your purpose, trust God to bring you to your husband, trust God to show you the way. He definitely will!

*If your dream involves something God created you to do, you’ll always be good enough to do it. I don’t know about you but knowing this is so freeing!

*Confidence, ultimately, is about trust….trust God’s ability to orchestrate your life! You don’t have to go beating down doors or “grinding” your life away! The world “grinds” God’s children trust and obey! God knows what He has for you (Jeremiah 29:11) so why not trust Him to show you the way?

*Doubt…steals your confidence and your dreams. It causes you to shrink from who you are.  I immediately thought of Eve in the Garden of Eden when I read this.  The serpent planted doubt in her mind.  She was there with God and had everything she could ever want or need and she succumbed to doubt.  The rest is history….

*Believing that you’re not enough will create a fear that paralyzes and keeps you from building fully on what you do have enough of. Nuff said! 😉

*There’s perfection in your imperfections.  Sometimes your purpose will come from the pains in your life.  My purpose came from the pains in my life. God uses those.  He’s purposeful! What Satan meant to take you out, God can and will use for your good if you will allow Him too!

Confidence Journal:

In what ways do I want to be different at the completion of this 28 day journey? I want to trust that God has my back consistently, no hesitation.  No doubts. I want to push through my fears and move forward. Onward & Upward! I am enough!

Be blessed & encouraged,


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