Why Not You?


So one of my life goals is to teach women God’s truth about sex. Before I surrendered my life to Christ, I had sex outside of marriage for all the wrong reasons.  I realized that I was trying to compensate for some things that were missing from my life.  My father wasn’t around, I had no self-confidence, no self-esteem and I thought sex would help me forget my issues or solve some of them.  Sex was a horrible substitute for God!  I truly feel that a lot of women have sex outside of marriage for some of the same reasons and also because of plain ignorance of the truth.  No one ever told me to wait until marriage to have sex.

Even though I’m in a much better place emotionally (Praise God!) there are still 2 things that I struggle with and that’s confidence and fear.  I have my days when I feel very confident and can laugh in the face of fear and then there are days when those things get the best of me.  To help me deal with these two issues, I will be reading a book by Valorie Burton called, Why Not You? 28 Days to Authentic Confidence.  I love Valorie! I’ve had the awesome privilege of meeting her and chatting with her and I think she’s just great and I truly admire her.

So, if anyone out there is having a few confidence or fear issues, please join me! Let’s trust God for our confidence, purpose, and self-esteem!  And especially if you’re using sex or anything else other than God for completion or to define you and/or your purpose.  God is the only one who can fill the void and emptiness that you’re feeling! Not a man, not sex, not food, and not shopping!

I will be updating the blog each day on my insights to each chapter and the things I’m learning and finding out about myself as well as victories!  There are a lot of things I’m praying for in the coming year and I refuse to let lack of confidence or fear steal my opportunities from me!  I’ve overcome some of them and I’m looking forward to more victories! Let me know if you plan to join me!

Be blessed & encouraged!



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