Psalm 145

A few months ago I was reading Psalm 145 and as I was reading it, there were some things that stuck out to me about God’s character and they truly encouraged me!  This walk has not been an easy one.  To teach God’s truth about sex – Satan’s number one means of ammunition, isn’t a popular one in a world that’s determined to do whatever feels good!  I hope these things encourage you in your walk today!

God Is/Represents:

*goodness & righteousness

*all mercy & grace

*not quick to anger

*rich in love

*good to one & all

*everything He does is suffused with grace

*we can expect Him to show up!!!!

*His provision is always on time!

*He’s generous to a fault!

*He lavishes favor on all

*everything He does is right

*His trademark on all His works is love

*He’s listening for all who pray earnestly

*He does what’s best for those who fear (reverence) Him

*He hears our cries!

*He saves us! (not only from outside things but from ourselves as well!)

*He sticks by all who love Him

*He is Holy!

Be blessed & encouraged,



6 thoughts on “Psalm 145”

  1. Now that’s what I needed. Thanks for the info. To my mind, other stories are a bit less interesting. I don’t want to offend any one, simply try to keep quality at this level 🙂

    Greg Phillsen
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